Are you Super Busy and Have Very Little Time To Workout?

Do you Need Someone to Push You and Motivate You during your workouts AND even when you're at home?

Do you want to Have Fun Losing Weight

Do You Struggle with sticking to your exercise and weight loss plans?

Do you need to be Held Accountable?

Have you hit a fitness or weight loss Plateau?

Do you have Low Energy, and Just Wanna Feel and Look Better?

Do you want to TRY US OUT and Experience Our Program for FREE

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then 

HIIT FITT is perfect for YOU!

How Did We Become Kansas City's #1 Rapid Fat Loss Gym?

Our HIIT program is a High-Intensity Interval Training fitness program designed for busy men and women who want to lose weight and build strength 9x faster than going to other gyms in the area.

Our HIIT program is perfect for men and women of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Our Coaches will be there with you every single session, every single day, to make sure you're doing everything right.

Have No Fear!! We will challenge you and work with you through your current fitness level. We will teach you how to do the exercises, from using the weights, exercises, and how to have fun kicking and punching during kickboxing.

If you're a beginner, you will start on the easier exercises and workouts, and progress every single week as you get stronger and learn how to do the exercises.

If you're familiar with working out and are more advanced, that's perfect too because we'll have workouts that will push you and challenge you every single session.

Burn Fat 9x Faster & In Less Time Than Other Fitness Programs

  • BOOST Metabolism & Energy Levels
  • ​Burn More Calories When At Rest
  • ​Build Lean Muscle and Drop Unwanted Body Fat
  • ​Improve Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Be Done Without Special Equipment
  • Can Be Done in Less Than 30 Minutes

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What's up what's up!!

My name is Kri Chay, also known as Kansas City's Superman. 

I've been coaching and training for over 18 years here in KC. I started training at 24 Hour Fitness in Independence and Lee's Summit years ago, and then opened up my own gym in 2008. 

My goal was to provide the BEST training to men and women, while keeping prices low. 

When I was at 24, they made us charge anywhere between $60 to $88 per training session!!

Guess what? Not many stay-at-home moms or 9-5 parents could afford that

That's when I had a plan to just do what I already did, but on a larger scale!!

I decided to go from One-on-One Personal Training charging high dollar, to doing what we do now, which is Large Group Training with 10-30 people per session, but charging less than $20 per training session

Not only do I get to help MORE people, I also get to help our members keep money in their own pockets so they can take care of their families, without having to worry about breaking the bank.

In my first year of opening up, we became Kansas City's Official BIGGEST Loser Training Facility by NBC. (Remember that TV show?)

I just LOVE helping people change their lives, while using fitness as a platform. 

My Coaches and myself believe that everyone has the capability to achieve any fitness goal, no matter what fitness level they're at. 

We will challenge you. 
We will push you. 
We will guide you with nutrition and exercise, so that you will get all your questions answered. 

You won't have to guess on what to do at a gym anymore, or what to eat anymore. 

We have training times that accommodate most schedules, because we train in the mornings and evenings.

If you have kids, feel free to bring them along and they can stay in the kids room. (just be sure to keep them occupied with a book or something to keep them busy while you train)

If you have questions on anything, here's my official cell phone number below. Just shoot me a text

TEXT ME: 816-754-6692

If you're ready to come try us out, register today for a FREE 2-week trial to see if we're right for you. 

We only offer this every 6-weeks, so be sure to join now so you can save your spot

- Coach Kri

We start our next 6-week rapid fat loss session Monday July 15th, 2024.

You can Join Our Next 2-week trial, and see if it's right for you, or you can Commit To Yourself Today, and get the Full 6-Week Transformation Session for ONLY $99!! 

You may even have some friends who are part of our gym, or know of someone who has been here. 
If you want to try us out first, just click on link below to register and lock in your spot today. 

You will find our training times below and on the link below.
So you have a few options...

1) Try us out first FREE for 2-weeks!

2) Join the Next 6-week session for ONLY $99 and commit to your success!

If you're done reading and ready to join, just click below. 

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Ready to Commit To Yourself and Your Health for the next 6-weeks?

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  • UNLIMITED High-Intensity Interval Training sessions!! We train 5 different times per day. You can come to any of those sessions that you want!! You can even come to all five per day!!
  • WORLD-CLASS COACHING!! We've been featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, KC Star, and many fitness magazines for being the Top Gym in Kansas City and having the Top Trainers in KC!
  • NUTRITION COACHING: We help with teaching you what and how to eat right, so that you see the best results!!
  • 24-7 COACHING!! We don't stop coaching when you leave our gym. We communicate through social media and via email and phone to make sure you're staying on top of your fitness goals.
  • BONUSES!! We have MORE Bonuses below!! 


(You will only get these Bonuses when you join our 6-week session)

TOTAL: $458



kri chay's urban hiit fitt

17601 E. US 40 Hwy #F,

Independence, MO 64055

(Next to Pro Nails,

behind Salty Iguana)

Training Days & Times:  50-minute sessions

Monday through Thursday  (NO training Fridays and Sundays)

Come to Any or All Training Sessions that work for your schedule!!

Mornings: 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 9:30 am
Evenings:  6:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am, 9:00 am

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Lock Your Spot Today and

Join Us Monday July 15th, 2024!!

Lock Your Spot Today and

Join Us Monday July 15th, 2024!!

Ready to Commit To Yourself and Your Health for the next 6-weeks?

Click on the link below to get started.

Kri Chay's Urban HIIT FITT

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